Welcome to the 2016 Actian Technical User Group Conference

Date: Tuesday, 11 October
Location: London, Novotel London West
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Who: Engineers, Developers, Tech Support, QA
Cost: Free!
Where to Register: 2016 Actian Technical User Group Registration

We have a full day scheduled starting with registration at 8:30 and ending at 5:30 PM. The conference will begin with general sessions and then split into specific groups for PSQL, Versant, Ingres, OpenROAD and DataConnect.

Questions? Email alex.sherwood@actian.com.


PSQL State of the Union
What's new and what's next for PSQL products. This session will cover the latest features for the PSQL product line plus a preview of what is planned for PSQL v13, including a reporting engine, simplified Btrieve API, Docker support and PSQL on the leading IoT OS platforms Raspbian and Windows IoT (Enterprise and Core).
Speaker: Desmond Tan, Director of Engineering, Actian

Btrieve Client API Update
How would you like to manipulate Btrieve files directly from a general purpose scripting language, from a web page, or in an object-oriented fashion, or all three! This session provides an overview and demonstration of API enhancements being considered for manipulating Btrieve data files directly from C, C++, Python, PHP and Perl. The updated API can be adopted in traditional PSQL and new IoT applications.
Speaker: Tom Bates, Principal Software Development Engineer, Actian.

Running PSQL on IoT Devices
PSQL support on Raspbian and Windows IoT will be more powerful with the updated Btrieve API. Besides C and C++, programming options like Python, PHP and Perl can be used for writing applications for micro-computing devices like the Raspberry-Pi. This session will demonstrate and discuss running PSQL on IoT platforms including Raspbian and Windows IoT.
Speaker: Sunil Jacob, Product Architect, Actian

PSQL in Docker

Docker, probably the most talked-about infrastructure technology of 2016, makes it possible to get far more apps running on existing servers and makes it very easy to package and ship programs. Docker containers wrap up a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries - anything you can install on a server. This guarantees that it will always run the same, regardless of the environment in which it is running. This session will cover what you need to know about running PSQL in Docker, including a demonstration of simple PSQL applications.
Speaker: Tom Bates, Principal Software Development Engineer, Actian

PSQL Tips and Tricks
This session will showcase using PSQL utilities for data management, including building new DDF's from old DDF's or other files and the new dumpdb utility.
Speaker: Linda Anderson, Sustaining Engineering Manager, Actian

Open Discussion: Direction for PSQL in IoT
The final PSQL session of the day will include an interactive discussion of the possible plans for PSQL in the Internet of Things with the goal of getting customer and partner feedback on the features and developer support infrastructure required to make PSQL in the IoT a success. We'll end the session by holding a raffle to give away PSQL on a Raspberry Pi to four lucky attendees.
Discussion Leader: Desmond Tan, Director of Engineering, Actian


Versant Object Database 9 - Key Changes and Migration Guidelines
This session, focused primarily for existing customers, will highlight the most important changes to Versant in release 9 and provide guidance for migrating existing applications to VOD 9. You will also learn about internal improvements to the database process and how you can benefit from these changes.
Speakers: Andreas Renner, Vice President, Software Engineering, Actian

Containerized Versant Object Database
You already know about containerized development and production. Did you know that data storage can also be containerized? In this session we will explain how you can use Versant Object Database within the Docker ecosystem. After a short introduction to Docker, we will dive into an example using Versant Object Database and Docker together.
Speaker: Tobias Krause, Senior Software Engineer, Actian

Versant JPA 3
In this session we will update you on the recent improvements in the V/JPA product and we will show you how easy it is to develop your own JPA programs with V/JPA, the Versant Object Database and Eclipse.
Speaker: Christian von Kutzleben, Chief Engineer, Actian

Using Versant JPA in a Distributed Enterprise Application (JBoss, XA)
When using V/JPA in a managed environment such as JBoss, the transaction manager component of the managed environment is responsible for driving transactions. We will show you how to set up such an environment and demonstrate a session bean with contained managed transaction demarcation. We will also explain a bit about the XA protocol for distributed transactions and how V/JPA, the application, and the transaction manager all interact to complete transactions as well as recover unsuccessful transactions.
Speaker: Christian von Kutzleben, Chief Engineer, Actian

Sneak Peek at Versant Object Database 9.3
Join us and get a preview of the next major release of the Versant Object Database. This session will be the first time anyone outside of Actian will get a sneak-peek of the next version of VOD, which will focus on performance and scale-up improvements.
Speaker: Andreas Renner, Vice President, Software Engineering, Actian


Ingres and OpenROAD Development Update (Session for Ingres and OpenROAD)
A review of the latest Technical Preview of Ingres 11 (including how 'clonedb' works for Ingres) and what to expect for OpenROAD.
Speakers: Alex Hanshaw, Director of Engineering, Actian and Chris Clark, Engineering Manager, Actian

HSS Hire Case Study: The Evolution of Spanner - Extending an Enterprise Ingres Application with DataConnect
Spanner, an ABF Ingres application, originated more than 20 years ago to manage many of the business processes at HSS Hire (transactions, HR records, marketing, product acquisition). As HSS moved to enable a web presence for their customers (via Live Hire), moving data from Spanner to the web and back required various bespoke integrations that were difficult to maintain and hard to extend. This session will describe how HSS Hire used a combination of Ingres, OpenROAD and DataConnect to transform the original Spanner application into a key part of a flexible and much more agile development infrastructure and deliver improved customer experience via web access (including the behind-the-scene connections with legacy and 3rd party systems).
Speaker: Kevin Price, Business Systems Director, HSS Hire

Trace Points Part 1
The first half of a two-part session will introduce two new trace facilities. SET Session_TRACE/Server_TRACE is a successor to an extension of the existing SC930 trace point, with new features designed for the troubleshooter. SET TRACE AT produces SQL or SQL-like representation of a query as it is flattened, transformed and rewritten by the DBMS server.
Speaker: Karl Schendel, Software Development Architect, Actian

Trace Points Part 2
The second half of the Trace Points session will cover the 'dotty" trace points, which enable graphical display of a query's parse tree and data structures at various points. We will also do a short review of the "classic" trace points, such as DM420 and OP150, and touch on some useful but lesser-known trace points: QE11, QE88, QE89/93 and SC916.
Speaker: Karl Schendel, Software Development Architect, Actian

ESRI Plug-In and R-TREE Indexing with 3D Datatypes
This session will cover the new ESRI plug-in and improving query performance using R_TREE indexing with 3-D datatypes. We will also cover the expanded SQL function support for 3D types in Ingres 11.
Speaker: Darren Horler, Engineering Manager, Actian

Ingres Backup in the Cloud
This session will provide an overview of cloud technologies and scenarios where cloud usage makes sense. We'll also dive into the key features currently being developed for Ingres database backup as a cloud service. The backup service takes a hybrid approach with an agent running within the Ingres install utilizing a cloud based backup service. This session will include a live demo of the current capabilities of the Ingres backup service.

Speaker: Jim Falgout, Chief Technologist. Actian

Ingres Upgrades Made Easy - A Session for Technical and Non-Technical Users
This session will walk through both the requirements around the planning and performing an Ingres upgrade. We'll discuss the resources, tools and actions required for an upgrade. The session will also review a case study of an Actian Services managed Ingres upgrade for a high street retailer including lessons learned in the process.
Speaker: Peter Lydon, Principal Consultant EMEA Services

Ingres Community Award (Session for Ingres and OpenROAD)
Annual Award to the most respected member of the Ingres community.


OpenROAD Daily Build and Test Automation

This session will share experiences of the OpenROAD Development team when automating the tasks of daily OpenROAD builds (runtime and 4GL images) and regression testing. It will give an overview of the approaches used on Windows and Unix and cover the challenges that have been addressed.
Speaker: Bodo Bergmann, Senior Software Engineer, Actian

GUI Testing Experiences with OpenROAD
This session will provide a general overview of automating OpenROAD GUI testing with Smartbear's TestComplete tool. We will discuss using TC, some details of the implementation, the test creation process and source code control integration. The session will also include a walk-through of creating a test and working with source code control integration.
Speaker: Jason Boissiere, Senior QA Engineer, Actian

64-bit OpenROAD
This session will review recent experiences with new releases on 64-bit platforms, including changes to system classes, COM/ActiveX support, 3GL procedure calls, remote access to the OpenROAD Server on Unix (without DCOM), and special changes on Unix.

Speaker: Bodo Bergmann, Senior Software Engineer, Actian

OpenROAD Server for OpenROAD and ABF Developers
This session will cover one methodology of moving an OpenROAD "thick" client application to "thin" client technologies, thereby making use of the OpenROAD Server. We will also cover the use of non-OpenROAD frontends to connect to the OpenROAD Server and use the Business Rules defined within. The session will also cover moving ABF Forms to OpenROAD Frames, making it easier to convert ABF applications to OpenROAD.

Speaker: Sidney Glenn, Principal Support Engineer, Actian

OpenROAD Script Editor and Other New Features
OpenROAD has added several new features since 6.2 became generally available. This session will cover those features including special focus on the new script editor which includes syntax highlighting, standard keyboard controls and more. We'll cover how the editor was integrated into OpenROAD, how users can customize the editor to create their own plugins and close with a brief discussion of potential editor features.

Speakers: Donald Criley, Architect, Actian and Chris Clark, Engineering Manager, Actian

OpenROAD 6.2: Some Useful How-To's
The new facilities in OpenROAD 6.2 enable some useful features to be implemented much more quickly and simply. This presentation shows you exactly how to set up some of these, including: Parsing string elements; Sort arrows in TableField column headers; Animations; Field-local context help; combined left and right-aligned toolbars; and more if time permits!

Speaker: Sean Thrower, Principal Support Engineer, Actian


DataConnect Roadmap - What's New and What's Next for DataConnect

This session will bring you up to date with what's happening with DataConnect including a preview of v11 features plus a review of the planned release schedule.
Speakers: Chris Gilson, Director of Software Development, Actian and Greg Coates, Director of Product Management, Actian

DataConnect Advanced Tips and Tricks
This session will give experienced DataConnect users some tips for integration process optimization, using key features such as user defined functions, real-time event listeners, and parallelization techniques for bulk/batch data feeds.

Speaker: Vincent Vinot, Technical Account Manager, Actian

Understanding Engineered Services for Application Integration
Instead of the traditional 'box of tools' approach, Actian delivers application integration as a service. This session will cover the essential ingredients in Actian's application integration business and how the service approach can dramatically reduce implementation schedules and improve success rates.
Speaker: Jason Wagner, Senior Director, Cloud Architecture, Actian

This session will review the key features of the DataHub product suite; B2B integration using Business Xchange to on-board trading partners to your e-business.

Speakers: Jim Loring, Director of Client Services, Actian and Greg Coates, Director of Product Management, Actian

Unlimited SaaS Connectivity: Using the REST Invoker for Web Service APIs
The REST invoker implements the client side of HTTP protocol used as a communication channel between many enterprise and distributed applications. In this session we will demonstrate using the REST invoker to connect to various end-points.
Speaker: Shay Schmidt, Manager, Sales Engineering, Actian

Integration Today and Tomorrow: Actian's Integration Portfolio
This session discusses Actian's various integration offerings and how each is designed to meet a different set of customer needs. Also, we'll discuss the changes Actian anticipates in the integration space over the next 3 to 5 years and how Actian plans to meet these new integration challenges.
Speaker: Markus Bockle, Senior Director of Software Development, Actian