Repairing a Pervasive PSQL Key

Before PSQL v11 SP3 a key in a Failed Validation or Disabled state meant a call to support. With Pervasive PSQL v11 SP3, Engineering has added a do it yourself Repair feature to the Pervasive License Administrator. It's simple to use - if your key is in a Failed Validation or Disabled state, just select the key, click Repair and the key will be re-validated on the new machine configuration.


Background - Why Keys Fail Validation

Beginning with Pervasive PSQL v10 and continuing with PSQL v11, Pervasive implemented a digital license enforcement scheme that restricted a Pervasive PSQL license to one machine at a time. During the authorization process (when the key is initially applied), information about the machine (physical or virtual) is collected and used to create a machine signature. That machine signature is stored locally on the system where PSQL is installed and remotely in a Pervasive licensing server (where the signature is made part of the product key record.

Each time Pervasive PSQL services start up there is a validation check: server information is collected, a machine signature is created and compared with the machine signature that was stored during the initial authorization process. If the machine signatures match the product key remains Active. If the machine signatures don't match - typically the result of a hardware update or VM move - the key goes into a Failed Validation state, and, if no action is taken, into a Disabled state. When the key is in a Failed Validation or Disabled state it cannot be deauthorized - it must be repaired for the database to continue normal operation. For more information on these product key states and how to use the Notification Viewer to identify the specific changes that resulted in the Failed Validation or Disabled state, check out this section in the PSQL User's Guide.

Repairing a PSQL key with the Pervasive License Administrator combines several steps:

  • Puts the key into a state where it can be deauthorized
  • Deauthorizes the key (this step removes the machine signature locally and from the Pervasive licensing server)
  • Reauthorizes the key with the new machine signature

Important Notes: Because the machine signature needs to be updated in the Pervasive Licensing Server, Repair requires an Internet connection. And...please remember that each PSQL product key has a 5 repair limit.