Provisioning an Amazon EC2 Instance with PSQL Vx

We've gotten a lot of support requests lately from customers who are putting PSQL into Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). PSQL Engineering put together this simple Tech Tip to show you how. Although it is possible to run PSQL Vx using the AWS Free Usage Tier, we recommend that you set up a virtual private cloud (VPC) with an elastic IP address. Otherwise, stopping and starting the instance will cause the DNS to change, and you will need to find the new DNS every time you establish a remote connection. With VPC and an elastic IP address, DNS will not change when the instance is stopped and started. Please see Amazon EC2 Pricing for more information.

The following instructions assume that you have created an AWS account. If you haven't, click on the link to get started. If you have, follow these 12 steps to get your EC2 instance provisioned with PSQL Vx. For more information about AWS, please check out the documentation.
  1. Create a VPC with a single public subnet.

  2. Launch an instance into the VPC.

  3. Create a new security group.

  4. Open 3351. Open 1583. Open 139.

  5. Create a new key pair.

  6. Allocate an elastic IP in the VPC.

  7. Associate the new elastic IP with the new instance.

  8. Retrieve the new instance's administrator password.

  9. Connect via remote desktop to the new instance's public DNS.

  10. Be sure to share the drive on your workstation that contains the Actian PSQL Vx installer.

  11. Install Actian PSQL Vx from the shared drive.

  12. Connect to the new instance from your workstation using the new instance's public DNS and your favorite Actian client, for example PCC.