2015 Actian Technical User Group Conference Presentations

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PSQL for Mac OS X - Installation, Configuration and Use, Migrating PSQL Data, Porting PSQL Applications
This session will provide an introduction to the PSQL release that enables ISVs and OEMs to expand their customer base into the Apple community. Topics include installation, configuration and use of PSQL for Mac OS X. Porting of PSQL applications and migration of PSQL data from Windows and Linux to Mac OS X will also be discussed.
Tom Bates, Principal Software Development Engineer, Actian

Btrieve 12
Actian is working on a brand new version of Btrieve. This session covers the early features and plans to deliver a brand new database to the Btrieve 6 customer base.
Speaker: Desmond Tan, Director of Development, Actian

Free Your Btrieve Data
Do you feel like your Btrieve data is inaccessible using modern tools? Is your data stuck behind the Btrieve curtain? We will discuss methods for taking your native Btrieve data files and making the data accessible to anyone (or anything) with a web browser.
Speaker: Jan Daley, Principal Software Development Engineer, Actian

Virtualizing PSQL
PSQL test activities have been more than 90% automated since 2005. Early in 2015, we began virtualizing all PSQL test machines, including every flavor of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. First, we'll discuss the automation framework and how it enables wholesale virtualization. Then we'll discuss the effort to virtualize all 200+ machines in the Actian PSQL test environment. This session will also cover optimization and troubleshooting lessons learned while virtualizing these boxes and our experiences experimenting with Amazon Web Services and VMware vCloud Air to host test activities. Finally, we'll wrap up with a forward-looking discussion about how virtualization is evolving and how PSQL will play an important role in these new application architectures.
Jeff Chapman, Architect, Actian

This session includes a quick overview of application containerization as implemented by Docker with comparisons to virtualization
Speaker: Jeff Chapman, Architect, Actian


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