Btrieve Tech Tips: Converting Btrieve 5.x Files to 6.x

Btrieve 12 supports reading and writing files in Btrieve 6.x format, and reading files in Btrieve 5.x. To convert 5.x files to 6.x format, use the Rebuild utility. The Rebuild utility has graphical user and command line interfaces and is accessible through the Btrieve Control Center (BTRCC). Here is a summary of the process:
  1. Back up the files you plan to rebuild.
  2. Make sure you have enough memory. If you're running on a newer machine, memory shouldn't be an issue. If it's older, you might want to estimate memory requirements. To calculate optimal memory, check out the topic Converting Data Files in the Advanced Operations documentation. The calculation requires information about the files your are rebuilding. You can get that information by running a statistics report with the Maintenance Utility.
  3. Optimize page size. Rebuild can optimize index page size to improve application performance or to save disk storage. The default setting is to use the existing page size.
  4. Choose the output path. Rebuild puts the output into the current directory by default, which deletes the original file. If you want to rebuild larger files on a remote system, make sure Btrieve 12 and its communications components are installed.
  5. Choose a log file location. The default is c:/ProgramData/Actian/Btrieve/logs/rebuild.log.
  6. Rebuild. Depending on the size of the file and in particular the number of indexes, the rebuild process may take some time.
  • Rebuild locally. Rebuilding over a network is likely to show poor performance.
  • Distribute the load. If you have multiple copies of Btrieve 12, rebuild files on more than one machine.
  • Don't increase cache. When rebuilding large files, decrease the cache to a low value, such as 20% of current but not less than 5 MB. This leaves as much memory as possible available for index rebuilding.
  • Rebuild to File Format 6.x. The Rebuild GUI allows several choices of file format. Make sure you're rebuilding to file format 6.x

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